XV Sqn Badge

Motto: 'Aim Sure'




A hind's head affronted erased at the neck between wings elevated and conjoined in base. Approved by King Edward VIII in May 1936. The badge was a modification of the hart emblem used previously, changed to highlight the fact that the Hind aircraft was in service when the badge was authorised.

The original badge with the King's crown

The current badge uses the Queen's crown

Battle Honours


Western Front 1915-1918*, Somme 1916*, Arras, Cambrai 1917*, Some 1918, Hindenburg Line*, France and Low Countries 1939-1940, Meuse Bridges*, Dunkirk, Invasion Ports 1940, Fortress Europe 1941-1944, Ruhr 1941-1945*, Berlin 1941-1945*, Biscay Ports 1941-1945, France and Germany 1944-1945, Normandy 1944*, Gulf 1991*.


(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)

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